I love us :)

I love us :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Camryn pictures

Ok, here are some pictures finally!! First let me tell the birth story real quick. I went in to be induced at 3am on December 14th. They started the pitocin at 4 and I got my epidural at 5:30. The doctor came in and broke my water at 6:15. At 7:20 I woke up from a light doze and I was shaking pretty badly even though I wasn't cold and so the nurse checked me and Camryn was ready to be born. We then had to wait half an hour for the dr. to finish up with a surgery and then she came and I pushed twice and Camryn Brooke was born! It was so fast!! Nothing like Bryn and for that I am grateful. Camryn has been such a sweetheart so far. She only really cries when she is hungry, she sleeps well in her carseat and she loves to snuggle. She is a great baby and we are so happy she is here. I am trying to adjust to having 2 kiddos and I am not going to lie and say it is easy because it sure isn't. But I love them both and I know that once we get a routine down I will feel better. Expect more pictures after Christmas! We love you all and we will try to get some sort of birth announcement out soon.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Silly Bryn

So last Saturday we went to go pick out a pumpkin at Walmart and Bryn was so excited. I picked up a few pumpkins and then I found a pretty big one so I picked it up and held it up so that she could look at it. She was standing in the back of the cart and she looked at it and backed up as far as she could go in the cart. I asked her what was wrong and she said: "Mom, it's making me nervous!" I said What!?! And she told me it was because it would hurt her toes. So I put it back and got a different smaller one and she was perfectly fine with that one. Silly kids, sometimes they are so weird, but I sure love 'em!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So I have been nesting lately and I decided to make some matching Christmas dresses. What a pain and I don't think I will attempt this again. Also if this baby turns out to be a boy he will be posing in this dress anyways because it was a lot of work. But I like how they turned out. Fun, we are ready to have this baby, but I still have 9 weeks if I go full term (I am praying that I go early!). The rag quilt I am making should be done soon and I will post that when I finish it. And tomorrow is Justin's birthday and so we are getting ready for that because Bryn loves birthdays, even when they aren't hers. And Halloween is coming up, one of my favorite holidays! Yay for candy.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quick funny story

So yesterday Bryn came over to me, poked me and started saying something that sounded like a really bad swear word. I asked her to repeat it which she happily did about 20 times but I still couldn't tell if she was actually saying the naughty word or what. I finally just distracted her since the fastest way to make sure that she remembers and repeats that word is to tell her that it is a naughty word. So then today we were watching Night at the Museum 2 which is her current fave movie and I was half way listening when lo and behold I hear Ben Stiller saying, "I will fork you". In the movie he has a pitchfork and is threatening various bad guys with it and a light bulb went off in my brain. Bryn was trying to say "fork you" but her 'r's are not very good yet. So in the end I learned that 'fork' is not a word that she should say very often and sometimes imitation goes very awry.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Updates: Nothing much. We have been waiting for the cooler weather and enjoying life. My birthday was fun and I got a foot spa from Justin and I have to say he picked out a really nice one. And someday I will get him to use it on his (disgusting) feet. Bryn did it with me and it was so fun. I got to go to the zoo for a baby shower and even though it was a really hot day it was super fun and Bryn played in the water area and got her clothes soaked but it cooled her off. I was pretty jealous. She is developing the funniest imagination and I love to watch her play now. She was being naughty today so I put her in her crib for time out and then when I went in there to get her out she had arranged all her stuffed animals (20 or so) to be sleeping and so I took a picture of how she arranged everything and she is pretending to sleep too. She is so creative and smart! And I am so humble about it, right?
And in other news she is totally out of diapers except at night and even then she is working on that and her diaper is dry about half the time in the morning. YAY, I will only have 1 in diapers!!! And the pregnancy is going well. I am huge and so I am telling you not to expect any pictures. We will have to do family pictures as soon as it cools off enough so that I can go outside without sweating, but until then I will not be posting any. This little girl is very wiggly and fun though! She has already gotten the hiccups a few times and she is VERY active at night. We have another night own on our hands and all I have to say is that she had better adjust to night sleeping quickly!! Alright I know it isn't going to happen, but I can dream can't I? I can't wait to meet her (although I am not looking forward to the sleepless nights etc)! Only a few months left!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Random Thoughts

So, let me describe my typical day this last week or so. Bryn wakes me up at about 8:30am, usually by yelling "mama" very loudly until I give up, go in there and get her out of her crib. Then we watch some PBS and Bryn takes off all her clothes so that she can be ready if she has to make it the 3 feet to her potty in the family room. Then every 30 minutes all day I am emptying her potty and making her wash and reassembling the potty. And she has been good about always going in the potty, but especially if her tummy is hurting her I spend a lot of time just being with her while she sits in the bathroom. She also demands that her books go with her and she will sit on her 'throne' and read them. It is cute and exhausting work as well. I still haven't really taken her out into public without a diaper because I really don't want to clean up a huge pee puddle but we will eventually get there. Man, potty training is hard work for moms!! I swear that it will be worth it, but in the meantime it is so draining. And life for us is filled with callings and not much else. I have been craving weird food, but I made an awesome chinese chicken salad yesterday and I just thought I would share the recipe, so here goes. I got it off of cooks.com and here is the link: http://www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,1662,138191-246199,00.html. I changed it a little bit though. I used 1 Tablespoon of regular sugar and I used 1/2 spinach and 1/2 regular salad mix. I also added crunchy chow mein noodles. It was pretty good, I ate a lot of it. Too bad it isn't all that healthy, but at least it tasted really good. This pregnancy has been funny, I have craved mexican and chinese. With Bryn I stuck with pretty bland typical foods and I ate a lot of pumpkin stuff (pie, cookies, ice cream, etc). It is weird how different 2 pregnancies can be! And that is all I can think of for now. Bye!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The news

Ok, I am a slacker. I have not been into blogging lately and Facebook is just so convenient and I don't have to type out a novel when I post something. So here goes. We found out that we are having another little girl!! Yay, ribbons and bows and curls and diamonds and all that super fun girly stuff. Here is a picture:

And this is Bryn being a ham for the camera because she has decided that it is so much fun to take pictures and she likes to be a little cheeseball. I have about 30 with her just making silly faces.

And then here is my super cool anniversary present! It is a 5 carat green amethyst. (Get it, 5 years, 5 carats) It is pretty big but I really love it. It got here a little late (today) but I am so excited for it. I love how it is really light green, almost clear and it is definitely unique.

Other events this last month:

-I did have to have an overnight stay in the hospital and they found that I have some small gallstones which will cause me pain from time to time and a swollen and barely functioning right kidney. It looks like the problem is fixable after the baby comes and until then I will have some pain that comes and goes. Fun, fun.

- Justin and I had a great anniversary trip to Show Low while Bryn spent the weekend with her grandparents. She did great and it was so nice to get up into the mountains and pine trees and be alone together. We went and did sealings in the Snowflake temple and they let us kiss over the alter which is pretty rare except when you are actually getting sealed for yourself so that was cool. We also had some $30 prime rib at this really good steakhouse and we saw The Other Guys (which was pretty PG-13, but funny). And it rained a lot so we really enjoyed that as well. It was nice and relaxing and I have no pictures because although I brought the camera, it was completely dead and we couldn't even take one picture. And that is all the news!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Silly pictures

So we had a fun week in St David and here are a few of the silly pictures that we took. Bryn loves Coco and I saw her laying by her and had to snap a picture.
She also loved to wear these goggles and I thought she looked funny!

This is kind of a bad picture but she loved to be in this swing with it pulled over her like this and she called it the cage and asked over and over to go in the cage.
And finally here she is just hanging with Grandpa and eating a banana.
And in other news we get to go have our ultrasound next Wednesday where we will (hopefully, cross your fingers) find out what we are having so make sure and vote in the little poll that I put in the sidebar. I will definitely post more as soon as we have that appointment, even if it is just more pictures!

Monday, June 28, 2010

June Stuff

Well June has been fun even though I have not been posting. I am finally getting out of the miserable first trimester and so that has been nice. Here are some pictures of when we went to the new Sea Life at Mills mall. It was fun and Bryn loved looking at all the fish and the "sharps" which are sharks. Then we ate lunch at Rainforest Cafe and she was pretty freaked out by all the animals and thunder until halfway through lunch and then she thought it was fun. The third picture is of Bryn with some gummy snake in her mouth that we bought from the gift shop. She had a super fun day!

What a crazy baby. She is getting used to the idea that she will be a big sister but she is a little confused by the baby in mommy's tummy. She lately keeps pulling up her shirt and saying "I have a baby in my tummy" and sometimes she tells me to open my tummy so she can see the new baby. She is silly but she will get used to it as I get bigger I think. And other than that we have just been finding ways to get out of the heat and stay inside. Another interesting thing about Bryn is that her favorite movie right now is the new Alice in Wonderland. We bought it and started watching it one night thinking she was tired and would ignore it like all the other movies that we watch that aren't animated and bore her. But she sat down and was enthralled! She gets so into the story and it is so cute although I was worried about several parts scaring her. They don't seem to anymore but she did think it was cool that the Bandersnatch licks Alice's arm and so she now has to lick my arm or try and get me to lick hers all day long! And I started her in a little dance class once a week. She is the youngest and tends to be a little spaz but she likes it and she gets to learn how to listen! It's cute, they even do some tapping and ballet. Fun, fun and the best part is I get an hour all to myself. It's even better than a nap because I don't have to listen for when she wakes up! I will eventually post a picture of Bryn in her cute dance outfit, I just haven't taken one yet. And that is what we have been up to!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Good news

Guess what? It's a ................................................................................................................................


..........................................................................................................................................................New Baby! Yay we are finally sharing our good news. I am expecting and the baby looks really good. We found out in April and my first Dr appt. was on May 5th. We did an ultrasound and I was 7 and a half weeks and we could see the baby's heart beating. We have waited to tell everyone until after my second visit which I had yesterday just so we could get past the danger zone for miscarriage. So here is how my visit yesterday went: first they took 5 vials of blood. Geez, I was pretty dizzy and tired the whole rest of the afternoon! Then we tried to listen to the baby's heartbeat with the Doppler device and the doctor couldn't find it. So of course at this point I am so nervous and praying as hard as I can that everything is all right. So we had to do another ultrasound and guess what? The baby is just fine, the placenta was blocking us from hearing the heartbeat but I got to watch the baby squirm and wiggle which was so fun. So we are due on December 17th and we are so excited (except for Bryn who when I tell her that I have a baby in my tummy says 'no' every time - hopefully she will get used to the idea!). Here are the pictures: the first one is when I was 7 weeks and the next one is from yesterday and I am 11 and half weeks now.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


OK, I have been a really bad blogger lately! Here is our latest update: We are doing great here in AZ. Even though it is getting hotter there has only been one day so far over 100 degrees and that has been way cooler than last year. We have been enjoying our air conditioner and the pool a lot. We also had a cooler day this last Monday and so we made the trek out to the Wildlife World Zoo with Bryn's G and G Pollard. We had so much fun. The zoo isn't as big as the Phx zoo, or as hilly and they let you get closer to the animals. It was fun watching Bryn finally be interested in animals that she used to not care about. She petted a turtle, goats, deer, a llama, and a starfish. She would NOT touch the crabs or stingray, although she did put her hand in the stingray tank, but when one would swim by us she would yank it back out. It was really fun and we got to see a 3 month old lion cub named Delila and week old Bengal tiger cubs that were so cute and tiny! There is a cool area where you can walk with the kangaroos but they wouldn't come over near us. So we had fun and it was a cool zoo. It is pretty far away and so I don't think I will be going out there a lot but it was pretty fun. Here are some pictures:

Friday, May 7, 2010

So life has been crazy like usual. Here are some fun pictures. This first one is from today. It is 94 degrees outside and Bryn keeps wrapping herself up in her blanket not because she is cold but because Justin taught her that you can see things that glow in the dark under the blanket and so she has some glow-in-the-dark-flowers that she keeps watching glow. She is silly!
And this is from when Grandma let her play with her makeup last week and Bryn put a ton of blue eyeshadow on her lips. She was having the time of her life! She looks cold.
And other than that we haven't really been up to much! Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

Ok, so I have been really bad about posting and I know this is late, but I just haven't been in the blogging mood for some reason. So anyways here are the pictures from Easter. Bryn loved finding all the eggs and candy and it was nicer that this year wasn't quite as hot as last year.

And this is the cute shirt that I made Bryn. Here is the tutorial. I have been getting into sewing and making things and that has been so fun. I like making things that Bryn can wear/use. So expect more pictures to come of all my crafting!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random stuff

Here are a few more pictures of Bryn: Here she just blew out her 2 birthday candles. She did it all by herself too!

Here is at Tucson zoo last Wednesday with Grandma and she fed the giraffe!! She said ouch as soon as the tongue touched her but other than that she did great. It was cute.
And she had a lot of fun just playing in this little tractor. We had to drag her out of it because she didn't want to leave it. Silly girl. She was so spoiled for her birthday and she got tons of cute stuff. Lucky girl.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

las fotos del dia

Here are the pictures I took of Bryn today for her 2 year pictures. She mostly cooperated, but I did have to start a game of tag just to get her to smile and stop picking flowers. She is silly.

And this picture is mainly just to show off her dress, which I (yes, I) sewed!! Un milagro ha pasado!! Seriously I think I did a pretty good job and Bryn loves it because it twirls really good.