I love us :)

I love us :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My little animal

Bryn has started being able to make some animal sounds so I recorded her doing it. We also have a new computer that has Windows Vista on it and I really like it. I finally figured out how to convert files from our sony camera into a file that will work on youtube, so I posted this and linked to it here. I hope everyone enjoys it!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well, this morning as I was on the phone with Justin I wasn't paying strict attention to Bryn. I could hear her playing and figured, hey she's OK. Then I remembered that the laundry room door was open and I had just fed the cat her wet food. So of course I ran over and what did I find? Bryn with cat food smeared all over her face and hands. This is the best picture she let me take, but she probably got a good mouthful before I found her. Sick!!! Why do kids eat animal food? It sure smells grody to me. Oh well, it's not toxic, just disgusting.

Monday, May 11, 2009


So I had to document the fact that Justin actually got me flowers! He rarely does this so here is the proof. They are so pretty and they won't die because they are in the planter. Yay!
And here are a few pics of Bryn's little quirks that she has. First she climbed into an old shoe box she has been playing with lately and thought it was so funny. She sat in there for 20 minutes.
And next she has this obsession with wanting us to put things over her face so she can't see and then she tries to walk and bumps into things. She will drag a blanket over and yell until you throw it over her head. And then it will fall off and she will yell until you do it again. I have finally resorted to hiding all blankets or anything that can be used in this way. She is SOOOO weird sometimes. But this is a mesh laundry bag that she found somewhere and we put it on her so she was entirely inside it and she loved it. Man are kids so dang unique or what. I guess I know what she will be for Halloween this year: a ghost!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Same old, same old

Well we didn't have a very eventful week, but here are a few highlights. Justin got better and Bryn and I stayed healthy! Yay! I saw Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and it was pretty cute and funny. Bryn decided that she likes Mtn. Dew, or at least the can but I thought it was funny cause I love that stuff. And Bella decided that she should sit in our desk. What a weird cat. Other than that we enjoyed our time together as a family and I read some more books by Patricia Briggs. Good stuff. Also I don't know if anybody else watched Dollhouse, but if you don't you need to. If you do, wasn't Friday's show AWESOME! Sorry, it turns out that anything that Joss Wheedon does, I love and Dollhouse is my new favorite show. If Fox cancels it I am going to boycott them, Fringe or no Fringe. And Bryn is 14 months old today. I can tell that the next time I blink I will be 60 surrounded by grand kids the way time has been flying lately. And I better go because I can tell from the ripping sounds behind me that another of my old magazines has been sent to wherever it is that old magazines go after they are destroyed.