I love us :)

I love us :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Waiting!

Well I had my doctors appointment for the week today and again nothing has changed. So I am going back on Monday and we will probably (cross your fingers) schedule an induction. I am getting tired of waiting!! I guess I really need to learn patience but it has never been my strong suit. Other than that I have been walking in the mornings, eating spicy food and trying to reason with this baby that it is time to meet everyone but so far my efforts have been fruitless. We shall see. I definitely think this is going to be a March baby. Well I am also posting a picture of the cool board I painted to hang in Brynlyn's room. It took me a while but I think it is awesome. Well that is the news for now!! I'll either post pics of the new baby next or the outcome of my Monday Dr's appointment.

See ya!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Quick Update

Ok, so according to my Dr. appointment this morning not much is happening. The baby is healthy and wiggly and getting big, but I am still only dilated to a 1 and haven't had many contractions this week. So basically I am still waiting until Brynlyn gets tired of her nice warm comfy home. I guess I can't blame her. So we will keep everyone updated but for now it looks like she will be born closer to her due date of March 4th and not anytime soon. I guess you never know but we will see. Other than that I bought a super cute bouncer today and that just about completes our baby shopping! Isn't it cute? And it is all microfiber. I wish my chairs were as comfy as this one! Well anyways I better go, just thought I would keep everyone updated. I would post pics of me but really it is pretty embarrassing. So maybe after she is born and I lose some weight I will post them so everyone can see how big I USED to be instead of the fat cow that I am right now.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Finally Done!

We are finally done with the paint and border for the baby's room! It took us about 2 months but we finally did it. Here are some pictures. This first one is while we were painting the stripes.

These next 3 are after we finished just from different angles around the room. This is by the closet.
This is just a closeup of the border - the stripes look good with the border finally up!
And here is a shot by the window. We really like it. It is so colorful and it turned out better than I thought it would.
Well other than that I am just waiting for this baby to decide that it is time to come. She doesn't seem to be too impatient to be born so we will see how close to my due date I get. Anyways that's all the news for now!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Baby Shower

Well I am finally down to my last 4 weeks!! Isn't that awesome! I am way excited. This weekend my friend Jamie threw me the cutest baby shower! It was so rad! Here is a picture of me standing by the veggie dip that Jamie makes that I love. This is also going to be my 36 week stomach picture for now because my camera stopped working. I am so huge now though, hopefully this baby gets tired soon of being in the cramped space and comes a little early! I doubt she will though. Oh well, the war stories I'll have.
This is a picture of the super cute Guess dress that Jamies mom, Nannette, got me. I love it!
And here are the clothes that my old mission comp Beth Alamo got me - isn't that blue dress freakin adorable? I am going to get my camera fixed asap so I can take pics of the baby in all her super cute clothes!
Well that's all the pics I have for now - butI will post more. So far we have gotten so much awesome stuff. Thank to everyone who went and I was so glad to see everyone! This weekend Justin and I also went to a birthing class. It was really good and I feel better now that I have seen some actual labors and gotten lots of details, but let me tell you I hope that my epidural works quickly! We got to tour the hospital and it is so nice since it is only about 6 months old. They even have a hydrotherapy room and you order your food through the tv system like it is room service! Well I better get going but I just thought I would finally update everyone and post something new. This weekend Justin and I are going to finally finish painting and hanging the border in the baby's room so pics will follow!