I love us :)

I love us :)

Monday, August 31, 2009


Bryn has discovered the joy of coloring and last Sunday I let her color for a while and when I looked over this is what the wall looked like. It came off really easily but still. What a punk.

This is how she watches Backyardigans now.
And finally I thought she was so cute in her little brown church dress with shoes that I got on clearance forever ago but they just finally fit her. You can't really see in the picture but she has white bows in her hair and she left them in all through church. She is also going to nursery and loves it. Next week Justin won't have to stay with her, she is 18 months on Friday! They get so big so fast.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bad hair day

This is for all those of you who don't live close and get to see Bryn very often. She is learning lots of new words and this is one of her favorites. Enjoy. And for all you grandparents out there remember to go to the music player at the bottom of this blog and hit pause before you play the video.

This morning we went swimming and then Bryn had her nap. Well she woke with her hair sticking up all over the place and looks pretty silly so I took a picture of it so when she is 18 I can show it to all her dates. Mwahahahaha.

And lastly here is the picture I took of our girls night last Friday when we made chocolate chip cookies and watched Twilight. Bryn could not wait for the cookies to come out of the oven.
And tomorrow we get to have another girls night! Yay for Redbox and free movie codes. I think I am going to rent Ghost town. Bye!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If you want to be happy, be. ~Leo Tolstoy

I thought the quote in the post subject was cute. Anyways we are good. Here are just a few random pictures of Bryn. One of her recent developments is that she would brush her teeth for 20 minutes if I would let her keep the toothbrush but hates it when I try to do it. Miss Independent.
She has also developed an obsession with bugs. If she sees one she yells "bug" at the top of her lungs until you kill it and throw it away. She is always finding dead bugs and then I have to pick it up or she will yell at it forever. It is cute though because she can say 'bug' very clearly and usually adds a yucky (complete with spitting and making the yuck sound) in front of it. Tonight she saw me kill a cockroach and when I went to get some toilet paper to throw it away she got my shoe and whacked it about 20 more times.
And finally I have already posted her obsession with nail polish but it was cute last night because she imitated me taking off my nail polish and using the clippers. She is such a good imitator now. Ignore my messy house.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fun in the Shade

On Tuesday me and Bryn and some friends went to the water area in San Tan Village and the kids all played in the water. They had so much fun. Bryn loved it because it was like having a big hose to play in. There were lots of kids there and I could see why because all of us parents were dying in the heat even in the shade. Man has it been so hot here. These are just some pictures of Bryn playing in the water. She is so silly.
And finally she played at the park and went down the bug slide like a hundred times. She was pretty good about holding my hand or going down backwards on her tummy like this. She sure had fun though.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

We're Baaaaaack!

So we are back from our exciting RV adventure. We went and saw all of Bryn's Great Granparents on my Dad's side and that was fun. It was so nice in Monticello and we got to see a cool 24th of July parade and we got a ton of candy. Then that night we got to see a cool fireworks show which surprisingly enough didn't phase Bryn at all. She was a little afraid the first few (we were sitting about 800 ft or so from where the were shooting them off from) but then she didn't react at all even with the really loud ones. She was more interested in playing with the glow sticks that we had. We also got rained on at least 4 or 5 times and all night we could hear it on the roof of the RV. It was a nice change. From there we went to Lake McPhee in Colorado and Bryn played in some pretty icy water and had fun until she slipped in and scraped up both knees. She freaked out because the water was so cold too. It was still kinda funny.

This is a stick she found and decided to play with for a while. She was having a blast.
This is in Mesa Verde in Colorado and it was pretty neat. We hiked down to this ruin called the Spruce Tree House. They date from 1200-1300ad. We were allowed to get pretty close to this one so that is cool. The hike kind of sucked though (man am I a wuss).
On Tuesday we spent the day in Farmington NM and we found this tiny little children's science museum. They had some fun stuff for little kids though including a whole section filled with soft toys and slides etc for kids under 5 that Bryn LOVED (in the background of this picture). She could run and climb and not get hurt and she played for an hour and a half and we still had to drag her out of there. One of the exhibits had a wind blower and she thought it was cool.

And here we are at the 4 corners on Wednesday. We walked round and bought some Indian jewelry for way too much money and then ate some hot fry bread. Yum.

And we also went to Canyon de Chelly on Wednesday and camped there. It was nice and rained a lot, but we froze that night. Here we are at one of the overlooks.
And this is the whole group of us at the painted desert/petrified forest on Thursday. It wasn't that cool, but it was nice to see it once.

And on Friday we were in Flagstaff and went to the Riordan mansion. We just walked around and took pictures since I had already been there and taking a 17 month old into a house full of untouchable antiques did not sound fun at all. This is us by an old wheel.
And us on a rock. She wouldn't look at the camera though.
We really enjoyed the nice weather and all the rain that we got. On the down side we all had to sleep in the same room basically with Bryn and so we couldn't move and once she was asleep no one could use the bathroom. It was crazy. And by Thursday we were all sick of each other and we were constantly singing the Backyardigans episodes that we watched over and over so Bryn would stop yelling at being stuck in her car seat. Those dang songs are so catchy. It was fun but I don't know that I will be doing it again with a toddler anytime soon.