I love us :)

I love us :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Brynlyn's Blessing

Hey again! We are going to be blessing Brynlyn on April 13th. This is an invite for anyone who wants to come! We will have the blessing at 12 pm at our church and then afterward we are going to have a BBQ at our house. Anyone who wants to come is welcome. Just bring your own meat to grill and a side dish to share!! Our church is located at 29419 S Desert Willow Blvd. I will post directions as it get closer to the date. Other than that we finally retook our Easter pics and here they are. Isn't she so dang cute!!! Today we went to church and she did pretty good. She mostly slept even though it was pretty loud. So I will post again when I have more news. See ya!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our life

Hey! I am finally posting again. I finally got the baby to sleep on the couch for a while without me holding her. She is so funny. During the day I have to hold her constantly or she cries, but the last few days I've been able to put her down more. Well not much is new with us. I am home all day and I have been reading a lot while holding a baby! It is pretty boring actually but I love the time with Brynlyn. Other than that I will post some Easter pics as soon as we retake them because our camera erased the originals! I was sooo mad. Anyways this picture is just our chubby baby sleeping on the couch. I will post again soon! Love you all!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Brynlyn Madison Pollard is Finally Here!!!

Brynlyn was finally born. We went in at 9pm and started the induction. Around 2:30 am I got my epidural and we rested until about 12 on 3-4-08. Then it was time to push and at 1:27 pm Brynlyn made her appearance. She weighed 7 pounds and 6 oz and is 21.1 inches long! She is such a sweet baby. Here are some pics from the hospital. This first one is us leaving, and then Brynlyns first ride in her carseat. Then some pics with just Mommy and Daddy and then Brynlyn and the cute orange bow they put on her head. We are so blessed to have her. I am doing pretty good even though after she was born I ended up having to have an emergency D & C because not all of the placenta came out and I
started to hurt really bad and bleed pretty heavily. Thankfully the doctor got there quick and found the
problem so I was out of danger quickly. I did have to have 3 transfusions of blood though. It was an experience I hope I never have to repeat, but you never know. The awesome thing is that Brynlyn is super healthy and I am doing well now too!! Enjoy the pics, I probably won't post again until I feel a little better. We love you all!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Great News!!!

Ok, so we went to the doctor this morning and we finally have scheduled an induction!! I made it all 40 weeks and the doctor doesn't want this baby to get any bigger, so tonight at 9pm we head to the hospital to be induced!!! I couldn't believe it when he said tonight we would be going in but I am so super excited. This baby needs to get here, she is so big, I have still been getting bigger even though all the books say you don't at this point so we are going to help Brynlyn come out. By tomorrow there should be a new Pollard in our family! We will keep everyone updated as best we can. We love you all and wish me luck!