I love us :)

I love us :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random stuff

Here are a few more pictures of Bryn: Here she just blew out her 2 birthday candles. She did it all by herself too!

Here is at Tucson zoo last Wednesday with Grandma and she fed the giraffe!! She said ouch as soon as the tongue touched her but other than that she did great. It was cute.
And she had a lot of fun just playing in this little tractor. We had to drag her out of it because she didn't want to leave it. Silly girl. She was so spoiled for her birthday and she got tons of cute stuff. Lucky girl.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

las fotos del dia

Here are the pictures I took of Bryn today for her 2 year pictures. She mostly cooperated, but I did have to start a game of tag just to get her to smile and stop picking flowers. She is silly.

And this picture is mainly just to show off her dress, which I (yes, I) sewed!! Un milagro ha pasado!! Seriously I think I did a pretty good job and Bryn loves it because it twirls really good.