I love us :)

I love us :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

June Stuff

Well June has been fun even though I have not been posting. I am finally getting out of the miserable first trimester and so that has been nice. Here are some pictures of when we went to the new Sea Life at Mills mall. It was fun and Bryn loved looking at all the fish and the "sharps" which are sharks. Then we ate lunch at Rainforest Cafe and she was pretty freaked out by all the animals and thunder until halfway through lunch and then she thought it was fun. The third picture is of Bryn with some gummy snake in her mouth that we bought from the gift shop. She had a super fun day!

What a crazy baby. She is getting used to the idea that she will be a big sister but she is a little confused by the baby in mommy's tummy. She lately keeps pulling up her shirt and saying "I have a baby in my tummy" and sometimes she tells me to open my tummy so she can see the new baby. She is silly but she will get used to it as I get bigger I think. And other than that we have just been finding ways to get out of the heat and stay inside. Another interesting thing about Bryn is that her favorite movie right now is the new Alice in Wonderland. We bought it and started watching it one night thinking she was tired and would ignore it like all the other movies that we watch that aren't animated and bore her. But she sat down and was enthralled! She gets so into the story and it is so cute although I was worried about several parts scaring her. They don't seem to anymore but she did think it was cool that the Bandersnatch licks Alice's arm and so she now has to lick my arm or try and get me to lick hers all day long! And I started her in a little dance class once a week. She is the youngest and tends to be a little spaz but she likes it and she gets to learn how to listen! It's cute, they even do some tapping and ballet. Fun, fun and the best part is I get an hour all to myself. It's even better than a nap because I don't have to listen for when she wakes up! I will eventually post a picture of Bryn in her cute dance outfit, I just haven't taken one yet. And that is what we have been up to!


Ashley said...

What a character, little Bryn! :) She will be a great big sister.

D & C Larson said...

So fun! I am so excited that you are going to have another little one (come to think of it, I have yet to meet Bryn!) Glad you are enjoying your summer!