I love us :)

I love us :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas everyone! Here is our 2011 year in review: First we moved 2 times this year, once in January and then again in October. Let's just say I will never again do that as long as I live. We like our new house and location though, it is much closer to Justin's work and shopping (Yay for me!). Here is a little bit about each of our girlies: Camryn is turning 1 on Wednesday and I cannot believe that she is not my little baby anymore! She is my little toddler. Some things she likes: Climbing (anything, especially stairs), dancing and music (she won't watch tv but she loves music), mom's android phone (she is obsessed with it), playing peek-a-boo (she says "ba" for boo and it is so cute), walking everywhere (she loves for you to chase her), and meeting new people (she is so friendly she smiles and waves and will go over to just about anyone). She is such a sweet easygoing baby, although her little personality comes out more and more each day.
Some things about Brynlyn: She started preschool in August and has been in heaven! She is so outgoing and loves to be with all the other kids. It has been wonderful for her. She loves: watching her shows on Netflix, playing make believe (she loves to talk to herself), talking (we can't get her to stop - EVER), reading (she is going to be a bookworm like Mom someday), and playing at the park (I think she would live there if I let her). She is such a smartie and she is learning lots in school and at church. She is extremely excited to be a Sunbeam in a few weeks! Something funny she has been saying lately is that we are going to have Christmas and Santa will come and then it will be Jesus' birthday after that. I tell her everyday that Christmas IS Jesus' birthday but for a 3.5 year old it must be pretty hard to reconcile Santa/presents with Jesus' birth. She'll get it :)

And Justin is still at his estimating job and is usually so busy that we don't get to see him until about 8 at night. I have been loving every minute of the adventure of having 2 small kiddos running around. I saw a quote the other day that I am going to hang somewhere in my house: Sorry about the mess, but the children are making memories. I may not be the best at keeping my house spotless (or even getting us all out of our pj's on some days) but I know that my kids will only be little pigs for a while (and then they will be big pigs, but by then they will have chores and allowance to motivate them) and I love everything about this time in our lives, messy house and all. We have had trials (I would like all 4 of us to be well for at least a few days - it's been solid colds or flu since October) but we are still so blessed and grateful for both the blessings and the trials. The Lord lives and I love this time of year when we remember His birth and life. We hope everyone has an awesome Christmas and that 2012 is fantastic!
P.S. We put off having our professional family pictures until January so Bryn can get her cast off. Forgive our cheesy pictures from this afternoon. Neither of us will ever be professional photographers :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Holy Cow

Alright, it has been almost 8 months since I have updated here. I am not going to lie, posting things to Facebook is much easier and more convenient. I will try to post a little more often on here though since this is more of a journal for me. Since April we have had a lot happen. We took a trip to CA in June (that's where we took the family picture above) and had a blast visiting with family and going to Disneyland. It was a crowded but very fun day. Then we moved from San Tan Valley to east Mesa near the end of October and that was fun (are you getting the sarcasm here?) (it is more convenient to be closer to shopping though:). Camryn learned to walk at 10 months, has 6 teeth and is learning so much every day! Bryn started preschool and loves it and can almost write her name all by herself! Then on Monday the 21st of November Brynlyn was running, tripped, landed wrong and completely broke her elbow. Poor girlie! She gets her cast on Monday and I feel so bad for her. And it is her right arm which is her more dominant arm too unfortunately :(. Well we had a great Thanksgiving and ate a ton! Then Justin went out and braved the Black Friday crowds and got us a new tv for our bedroom. It is kind of a funny story and completely miraculous that he actually got one so ask me if you want to hear it. And for now I will just finish by posting some pictures from the last 8 months and then I am going to start getting out some Christmas decor!! Easter 2011
Halloween 2011 Cute little Cam in October
I will post again soon because we are going to get professional family pictures taken in December (cast and all) so I will have some more cute pictures to post then.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Some funny stuff

Here are some pictures I took of Camryn today. She is getting so big! Right now she is watching a Baby Einsteins and it is so cute that she will watch them for a few minutes. I posted the top picture because I still think that it is hilarious that she always has her tongue out. All day I see that pointy little tongue. And here is a funny story about Camryn: On Sunday at church I handed her to her dad and then during the Sacrament (when it was really quite of course) we hear some loud grunting and the sound of poop hitting diaper. I thought, Oh man how embarrassing. But then I started smelling baby poop really strong and that wasn't normal so I looked over and Camryn had shot poop out of her diaper, down her dad's pants, the chair (luckily a metal one) and into a pretty good sized puddle on the floor. It was really gross and all I had to clean with was one thin little blanket and some wipes. I was laughing so hard during the second half of the Sacrament and I felt pretty bad, but it was soooo funny.

Then for a few Bryn tales. She is so silly. She likes to go downstairs with me but she is slower than I am and so she is always telling me to stop and hold her hand. Well the other day she said, look mom I can go fast. So I waited at the top as she proceeded to go down the stairs just as slow as usual but pumping her arms really fast like she was jogging or something. It was hilarious!! Then the other day I went through the BK drive-through and as the lady was running my credit card Bryn yells really loud from the backseat: "Hey little girl! I want some french fries!" I just about died laughing but that lady didn't act like she heard it. Oh the joy of having a 3-year-old.

Here is Bryn on her birthday at the park with some friends. It was a fun day!

And here she is with her Minnie cake at her party. She got so many fun things! And, seriously I do not know how I have a 3 year old already! She starts preschool in the fall and she is ready!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Camryn's blessing

On Sunday we were able to bless Camryn and it was so beautiful. I am so grateful that I am married to a man who can bless our children. It was a cold and rainy day, but we had fun hanging out with all the family who came! Here are some new pictures:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I took some more pictures of Camryn on Sunday and I thought some turned out really cute. So far I haven't gotten any of her sleeping, she is wide awake whenever I want to take pictures so here are a few of my faves. I will eventually get around to posting pictures of Bryn from Christmas on here but it might take a little while. We are moving to a different house this Saturday and so I may be busy for a little while with the move. Enjoy the pics!