I love us :)

I love us :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Me at 33 weeks

Well here is my picture finally. We missed 32 weeks so this is from 33 weeks. I am starting to poke out a lot, but I still have a ways to go in these last 7 weeks. As for us I am busy trying to finish painting and decorating the baby's room. I finally decided on a theme and a picked out a border. We are going to have a surf theme! Here is the border we will put up. Isn't it so dang cute?!?
I seriously love it and I am excited to decorate with the surf theme. I am already on the lookout for surfer girl stuff. How fun is this. Well anyways I better go, but I just thought I would share this for everyone who asks if we have a theme - now we do!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Years and other random stuff

So I am finally posting for the first time in '08! I cannot believe how fast time flies. I remember when 2000 seemed like a long time away. Well here is what we did on New Year's. Justin's cousin Mike and his wife Marianne came over and we played Guitar Hero and hung out. It was fun. Between us we drank 3 bottles of sparkling cider! It was a fun way to start the new year.
This is Bella on New Year's Eve. She seemed kinda bored and I thought it was funny.
And finally I have been seriously trying to get my house organized lately. Maybe it's a nesting thing, but here is the project I finished yesterday. I made the clock a year ago and bought the quote but yesterday I finally put the quote on some wood and put the words on the clock. I am finally done! (the top quote looks crooked but it really isn't. I think it's the angle of the picture.)
Here is a better shot of just the clock. The words are cute but really small and you can only really see them when you are up close.
Well that was fun and I am glad that it is finished!! Now I am going to be painting the baby's room. Fun huh! Well that's all for me - I will post my 32 week pregnancy picture as soon as we take it!