I love us :)

I love us :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fun weekend

Well this weekend we took a fun trip to St. David for my mom's birthday. It was pretty fun. We went to a small petting zoo on Saturday and Bryn got to feed some goats. She was a little wary, but she did good.

She was feeding them really well and then the goat in the picture nibbled on her hand right after I took this picture and she cried. Then we got some more food and she tried again. Brave girl!
Then on Sunday after church it was time for Mom to open her presents. Bryn helped a lot. She got some fun stuff including a scentsy warmer and some scents, 2 pairs of pretty earrings, a memory book with messages from lots of friends and family, and a cricut expression and a cartridge. She will be busy learning how to use it for a while. Good times. Then we ate some cake.
And this last picture is of Bryn being a princess. She wore that crown for a long time and it was really cute!! She was so excited when she figured out how to turn the light on in the wand.
It was a fun, and cold, trip. Then on Monday we went to the Az Science Museum because it was free. We had fun. Bryn was a little young to really enjoy most of it. We also tried to have her lay on the bed of nails. You lay down and then push a button and the nails come up and as soon as she felt the nails come up she freaked out and sat up so I had to take her off. So I didn't get a picture or anything. It probably felt weird. And I have to say I am enjoying our weather. The high today is 63 or so. That probably isn't that cold to a lot of people but that is a high that we usually see in December not October. I had to buy Bryn some 24 month pants and long sleeved shirts because all 18 month clothes are too short in the arm and leg for her and I didn't have anything that she could wear today. Crazy long baby.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not so great news, but it's fall!

Well, just so everyone knows I was hoping that I would have an ultrasound picture of baby #2 to post, but it looks like that is not going to happen for now. While we are very sad that this pregnancy is not going to work out we are very grateful for our daughter that we do have and the Gospel in our lives. Other than that we are doing well and I love this time of year. I decided that fall is my favorite holiday. It has great weather like spring but there are some super fun holidays coming up - Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas which are some of my favorites. Justin's birthday was yesterday and he got Transformers 2 and a massage cushion for his back, which he used the whole 2 and a half hours of Transformers that we had to watch last night. Crazy boy.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lazy Days

So I have been horrible at posting lately, but not much has been happening. We are enjoying the cooler days of fall and have had doors and windows open. I love this time of the year. Halloween is such a fun holiday and Bryn is finally old enough to dress up and at least pretend to understand trick-or-treating. This picture is Bryn with Daddy's name tag on, she loves to put it on every night as soon as Justin gets home. And this other picture is of when Bryn has to sit with me up by the computer and color and be really annoying. She is silly.