I love us :)

I love us :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I love how as Bryn gets older more and more of her uniqueness comes out. I swear she makes me laugh all day long. What a weirdo. Here she is this morning when she crawled into her toy container and threw all the toys out. This is also a good picture because this is how she drinks and plays with her hair at the same time. She HAS to play with her hair while she drinks and she has done this since she has had hair long enough to. Her dad did the same thing as a baby so apparently this is a hereditary thing.
My monkey. This is why we have childproofed our movie cabinets now.

This is how I found her on Sunday after church when I turned my back for 2 seconds. We have now purchased a baby size table and chairs from Ikea (the best place on earth) to stop this from happening.

And this is her helping me drag the garbage out today. She had so much fun dragging that thing. What a nut!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Fun

My techno savvy girl turned the computer off 2 times. She really used the mouse and keyboard like she has seen me do it a lot. Oh wait, she has! It was fun and she loved sitting at the kid sized desk and playing with the stuff with Mom not yelling at her. Here are some pictures of Bryn making huge messes while she eats. I go through a lot of wet wipes in this house.
And we got to go to Reid Park Zoo with Grandma and Aunt Bethany and it was fun. It is a lot smaller than the Phoenix Zoo and that was so nice because we got to see everything in a few hours, not days. They had some cool animals and a fun little water area for kids to play in. While Bryn was playing in there we all went in and sat down to wait because there weren't any other kids in there. Well then 2 little girls came and as I was standing up taking a picture of Bryn I heard their Mom say to me, "You're going to get wet" a split second before some water hit me right in the face. I ran out and laughed. The lady said she was sorry and I just wiped off my glasses and made sure my camera still worked (it did). That'll teach me to stand in the water area and not pay attention! Bryn loved it and she is my water baby. We went to an indoor wave pool in Sierra Vista on Saturday and there was a ramp in the pool and she would walk down it until it was about nose level and then we would pull her back. She will put her head underwater and hold her breath too. It is fun but sometimes the fact that she has no fear of the water makes me nervous. Well at least I know what to do with her when she gets bored this summer. And finally we gave her a giant cheeto to eat and she thouroughly enjoyed it after she played in the hose on Grandma's back porch for an hour. She wore her diaper until it got too soggy then just ran around in her birthday suit and enjoyed the heck out of that.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

June already?

Well we have had a pretty good few weeks here. This is the stuff I got this week at Bath and Body Works. They were having a sale and I stocked up all my favorite scents. And Bryn has a nasty cold. Why she has to get sick in June I don't know, but a lot of people have been getting sick too. Yuck. I highly recommend Zicam. It has worked for me twice so far.
So here is Bryn in the bath last night. Look closely and you can see that not all the bubbles in the tub were from the bubble bath. Yea, it was so gross! She has had some huge snot bubbles the last few days.
And finally I am obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance. I hate all reality shows except this one and I even vote on this show, which I have never done before. It is so fun. Bryn loves it too. Last year when she was about 4 months old and it came on she would watch all the dancing. She still does it this year, as soon as she hears the music come on for the dancers she turns and watches it and dances too. I think as soon as she is old enough I am going to have to get her into a dance class. Fun fun.