I love us :)

I love us :)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas '07

Well Christmas was finally here! Here is our beautiful tree on Christmas morning. I love Christmas trees cause they are so pretty. On Christmas morning we got up and made waffles and then opened our presents. Below is Justin and his big present.
This next picture is me with a lot of the new movies we got. We tend to increase our collection every Christmas. And I finally got Veronica Mars season 3! Yay! I can't believe they cancelled it. Oh well, now I have all 3 seasons to enjoy at home.
After all the presents we went and spent the day with Justin's family and ate a ton of food and then watched That Thing You Do which I hadn't seen in years. It was a fun day. Then this Thursday my fam came to visit and we saw the Temple lights and then watched Shrek the third on our new HD DVD player. It was fun. Well I better go, we will be having a New Years party and I need to clean!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

December Update

Well I am finally getting around to posting again! This is my monthly pregnancy picture of me at 7 months. Every month I think that I can't be that much bigger and then I see the picture and I am. The next picture is how foggy it was this morning. This is the view from our backyard It was kinda crazy - I felt like I was in CA.
This picture is how I found Bella one day a few weeks ago when I got home from the store. I guess it was so cold in the house she had to snuggle with the clean clothes!

The latest news with the baby is that everything seems fine. I failed my first glucose test and so I had to go back and do the 3 hour test, but my results came back normal and I am fine. I can tell that this is the third trimester already though because I am exhausted again. And I got done with my classes! As long as I got a C in both I am done with school. FINALLY!! I am way excited. All my time is now spent either working or Christmas shopping. I will post again after Christmas!