I love us :)

I love us :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September is gone

Ok, sorry that I have been horrible about blogging lately. But here are a few pictures and an update. We are good. We have been busy with work and play and Bryn has learned most of her letters, numbers and colors. She says 'two' for both 1 and 2 and no matter how many times we tell her that 1 is 'one' she won't say it. Silly girl. So anyways we went to the zoo again because it was the last free day and man was it an adventure again. This time it was packed from the second we got there and there was no water due to a water main break so we ended up leaving pretty quickly but we did have fun. We saw the prairie dogs eating and a coyote and 2 sleeping mountain lions. It was interesting. Then we went to San Tan Village and the kids played in the water but it was just barely cold for them once they were wet so we left after we finished eating (Taco Bell - yum). And that has been my last few weeks. I also got to teach Beehives on Sunday and it was funny. They are sweet girls but the lesson was on the benefits of group dating. Yea, important but really early. They got the point though. And Ihave had a cold and my cough is finally going away so I am really glad about that too. Also here is a picture of Bryn on Sunday in Daddy's tie. She had so much fun wearing that thing and I thought the picture was cute. She is so funny.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trip to the Zoo

Today we went to the Phoenix Zoo and we had fun. It was hot, the zoo was under construction and half of the animals were not in their cages because of the construction and it was crowded. On the other hand it was free and got us out of the house.This is really the only really good picture that I got of Bryn and it didn't have any animals in it but she would NOT cooperate.
Here is the group. Bryn, and second cousins Makinzie and Trenton.

The giraffes. Poor thing is just standing in the shade trying to stay cool.
Bryn and the fake lion.

We get home and I was hanging up my purse and organizing some stuff and I look over and this is what she was doing. Apparently we wore her out.

After the zoo we went to the Dillard's in Fiesta Mall which is closing and so all their stock is on major clearance. I got 3 dresses that are the cute long (really long - I will have to hem all 3 about 5 inches or I will be tripping all over myself) style dress. The price for all 3 had I paid retail was about $180 and I paid $37. I was so excited! But we had to go through a lot of dresses to find the ones we liked, while trying to not lose hyper kids and then we had to stuff all 5 of us into 1 dressing room because there was a line. Today was an adventure!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday Fun

Yesterday we had fun going to a baptism and hanging with some friends. I snapped a few pictures that I thought were funny. Here is Bryn being a cheeseball. I told her to smile and this is the face I got.
And my friend Jamie and I looked up from talking and saw our men all gathered around 2 Nintendo DS's. Men and electronics. It's a curse. I mean I like them too, but, geez I am not this obsessed. Funny men!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Change (a change)'ll Do You Good

Ok, well we are back from Tucson where we got to hang with my sister and mom. For those who don't know my sister Bethany does hair, so I had her put some blonde and red streaks in mine. Well the red turned out sooooo bright. Call me crazy but I kind of like it! It is fun to put some color in my drab brown hair, but it is rather attention-catching. Good thing that I have done this before and it fades pretty quickly.
Bryn drove me crazy though! We stayed at Beth's apartment which is close to U of A campus and so there was noises all night, the apartment is not baby-proof and to top it all off Bryn decided that she would be wide awake from 1 to 3:30 am. It was not the best night I have had. So now we are home and yay! Bryn also got her hair trimmed to even it all out and according to my mom to help it grow in thicker. Who knows if that will happen but she needed a little trim. So now her hair is shorter again :(. This is last week when she climbed into the cupboard and then got stuck. She likes to go in there and say 'dark' over and over again.

Friday, September 4, 2009

27 years and 18 months

Well for my birthday and Bryn's 1/2 birthday I took some pictures. I figured it was about time to torture Brynlyn in a dress and make her take some cute pictures. It was hot, but she did pretty good.
This was fun. I set the camera on timer and took a few. We had to run to get there but after the first few Bryn got the game and starting thinking it was funny.

18 months old.

And snuggling on a blanket, I just thought this one looked cute.