I love us :)

I love us :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

1st Sunburn

So there are a few new things to post. With the nice weather Bryn and I have been swimming and then my parents came and visited us and so we went swimming for an hour and a half yesterday. Well, we got burned. I put sunscreen on Bryn but not on me because I thought, I am so pasty I need the sun. Well we roasted. Here are some pics. It is rather painful for me but Bryn hasn't acted like hers hurts at all so that is good.

And here I am after I made Justin rub aloe vera all over it. He thought it was so funny he had to take a picture.
And I also wanted to let everyone know that I found a website that can make sunglasses with your prescription for about 40 bucks. Just go to eyebuydirect.com and to make it even cheaper do a search for coupon codes. They aren't the best quality but for sunglasses I don't really care as long as I can use them while driving or taking walks in the afternoon. And these ones are pretty cute I think! And I look really pasty here so apparently the burn did nothing for making me any tanner.Finally I had to post this picture on here. Justin's sister Steph is engaged and I helped out taking some engagement pics and thought this one turned out cool. I am pretty sure they won't use this one for their invites so I wanted to post it. I love silhouette pics. And we ended up hiking about a mile up San Tan Mountain to get the background we wanted and we saw a rattlesnake! We thought it was dead because it was just laying there sunning itself and not moving at all. And we walked right by it without noticing it. Then on the way back it was gone so it must have been alive! It was pretty freaky.


Beth said...

ouch with the burn! And I love that pic of Kyle & steph--I've seen it on facebook, but had no idea you took it! Great job!

Hina Schneider said...

omg! that sunburn, she must be in a lot of pain. I hope she is a good tanner and not a peeler that would be so sad. we all need to hang out sometime.

Heather K said...

Reasons to stay in Idaho no sunburns or rattlesnakes! Looked painful. The sunglasses are awesome!

j&jwebbfamily said...

Holy Cow!! Ouch! that looks so painful. And freaky about the rattlesnake. Remember when I lived out there and totally ran over one and I thought it was attached to my car. : ) I was so afraid to get out of my car. Okay anyways Congrats too Justins sis that is way exciting. Cute pic too you should be a photographer. : )

j&jwebbfamily said...

Oh ya super cute glasses. Glad you like them.