I love us :)

I love us :)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Labor Day and B-day Stuff

So Happy Birthday to me!! Just kidding, but I still can't believe that I am a quarter of a century old. That is so weird. Well anyways here was my past week. On Monday we went to Justin's Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bill's house and swam and ate a ton of food. It was fun and we got in probably the last swim of 2007! Justin bought me a birthday cake that said Happy Birthday and had my name. It was so cute but we didn't have a camera so I couldn't take a picture, dang it! But it tasted really good. I thought we would set the fire alarm off with all 25 candles on there but it didn't go off so that was a relief. Then on Tuesday (my B-day) I just worked then took my nap and relaxed. It was a nice day. Then on Wednesday Jamie took me to go see The Nanny Diaries and then out to eat. It was so fun. The movie was actually cute and I really liked it, plus we got to be the ONLY ones there. How awesome was that!! So if you ever want to go see a movie by yourself but don't want anyone to know about it I recommend going on a weekday early afternoon and only the person who sells you your ticket will know. Then we went to California Pizza Kitchen and it was really good. Jamie had never been and I hadn't been for about 10 years. It was fun, but everyone there was from ASU cause we were just down the street from campus. That area is so nice! It was such a blast to have a girls night and it is so crazy that Jamie and I have been super good friends for so long. Seriously I think in 1st grade we got a best friends necklace and I still have my half (somewhere). So that was my pretty exciting week! And so far the pregnancy is going well. I have been eating more and gaining weight finally (I lost 5 pounds in the first trimester) but since I don't feel sick anymore I eat every two hours! Well gotta go paint my toenails, see ya!


Kaylea said...

Happy Birthday girl! That's cool you and Jamie have been friends for so long. Glad the pregnancy is going good. Wish I could say the same. This pregnancy has been horrible {one pain after the other}. look forward to your next post. Late!

Family said...

Happy B-day Girlie! Can you believe we are 25!! It seems like just yesterday we were in school together. I'm so glad you had an awesome birthday! It sounds like you and Jamie had a blast!


j&jwebbfamily said...

Yeah Wednesday night was a blast. That is so funny about the best friend necklace, I so don't know where mine half is. That would be cool if I could find it. I am glad you had a good b-day. Can't wait till you guys find out what you are having so we can go shopping for some boy? or girl clothes. Have fun at work : ) I know you just love your job. Talk to you later.

Haws Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a fun girls night out! I didn't realize you and Jamie knew each other for so long- that's so awesome! I remember those necklaces... enjoy painting your toe nails, in about 2 more months it will be a little more difficult ;-) LOL Glad your pregnancy is feeling better... best birthday gift huh?