I love us :)

I love us :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cool Spiderweb

Hey all! Well first I will write about this picture. Last night Justin went out to water our trees and he saw the coolest spider web. The picture isn't very good but you can kinda see how big it is and it was perfect. The spider was just sitting right in the middle and it was so cool we had to try and take a picture even though you can't see much. So other than that this week has been pretty crazy. School is getting busier and busier and work is getting slower and slower. But I finally set a date with my boss for my last day! I am so excited. I have wanted to quit for 2 months. My official last day of work is October 12th! Only one more month to go. And I got a new calling in church. I was pretty sad to be released as wolf den leader because I just finally started feeling like I have a handle on things there, but the Lord needs m somewhere else I guess. I am now a ward missionary and I get to be the Spanish speaker because I am the only ward missionary that speaks Spanish and I guess there are several families that need a Spanish speaker. I am actually way excited. I still don't know anything else about what a ward missionary does but it will be fun to find out. And as for the pregnancy I am doing great. My stomach keeps stretching (I can feel it even though I am not showing very much yet) and I can't button my pants anymore!! Ok so it isn't that exciting because I am still too small for pregnancy pants so I have to walk around like a nerd with the top button of my pants undone, but hey I was excited.


Kaylea said...

Loved the update.

Cool spider web.

I'm getting realeased from scouts too. Unlike you, I'm happy about it. lol.

I hate that stage in pregnancy where your pants don't button up anymore and PG pants are too big. It will be over soon. Your belly grows fast. I finally am getting a belly which I'm glad about {now people won't think I'm fat}.

j&jwebbfamily said...

Awesome spider web. Congrats on the job quitting!! Good for you. Now you can just concentrate on school and growing that cute baby inside of you. How exciting your getting bigger. I can't wait to know what your having. Then I can buy you clothes instead of just diapers : )