I love us :)

I love us :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Some funny stuff

Here are some pictures I took of Camryn today. She is getting so big! Right now she is watching a Baby Einsteins and it is so cute that she will watch them for a few minutes. I posted the top picture because I still think that it is hilarious that she always has her tongue out. All day I see that pointy little tongue. And here is a funny story about Camryn: On Sunday at church I handed her to her dad and then during the Sacrament (when it was really quite of course) we hear some loud grunting and the sound of poop hitting diaper. I thought, Oh man how embarrassing. But then I started smelling baby poop really strong and that wasn't normal so I looked over and Camryn had shot poop out of her diaper, down her dad's pants, the chair (luckily a metal one) and into a pretty good sized puddle on the floor. It was really gross and all I had to clean with was one thin little blanket and some wipes. I was laughing so hard during the second half of the Sacrament and I felt pretty bad, but it was soooo funny.

Then for a few Bryn tales. She is so silly. She likes to go downstairs with me but she is slower than I am and so she is always telling me to stop and hold her hand. Well the other day she said, look mom I can go fast. So I waited at the top as she proceeded to go down the stairs just as slow as usual but pumping her arms really fast like she was jogging or something. It was hilarious!! Then the other day I went through the BK drive-through and as the lady was running my credit card Bryn yells really loud from the backseat: "Hey little girl! I want some french fries!" I just about died laughing but that lady didn't act like she heard it. Oh the joy of having a 3-year-old.

Here is Bryn on her birthday at the park with some friends. It was a fun day!

And here she is with her Minnie cake at her party. She got so many fun things! And, seriously I do not know how I have a 3 year old already! She starts preschool in the fall and she is ready!


Heather K said...

Wow your girlies are getting so big! Brynn's a silly girl and those stories made me giggle. Hope to see you guys this summer.

j&jwebbfamily said...

Okay that is soo funny!! What diapers were those. How did she do that. Gross. Camryn has such a cute look to her. Love that pick of our girls.