I love us :)

I love us :)

Friday, August 24, 2007


Hey everyone! I haven't been posting much lately but I have the excuse of being pregnant and sick and tired all the time so hey. Right now I am sitting at work and I am pretty bored so here I am updating everyone. The most exciting thing that I have done lately is find a new author that I love. Jamie Webb told me about her so I bought all 3 books and read them all in 2 days. They are addicting. The books are by Stephenie Meyer who is LDS and lives here is the Valley. The first book is Twilight, the second is New Moon and the third is Eclipse. The 4th book comes out in a year and I am already counting down. They are super awesome love stories and really fun to read. The author has a website at www.stepheniemeyer.com. Check it out if you think it sounds cool. I love them!! Ok, so then school started on Monday and my last 2 classes shouldn't be too bad. I have a religion class (really interesting actually to study religion from an academic viewpoint and see how misguided the world really is) and a research class for psych. It should be pretty easy and I am so excited to be done and graduate! Well Justin has been working on repainting my car these last 2 weeks and so I will post pics soon of my made-over car. It is going to be this cool blue color now instead of hot and ugly black. Well I don't have any more news for now so see ya!

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Kaylea said...

Everyone keeps talking about those books! I better read them it sounds like. I love LDS novels.